Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Hi Fidelity

The International 14 sailors wrote a letter of complaint to the club because we won by so much at the RNLI race. Their prerogative I guess, but last Sunday liquidated their argument as in the light stuff I didnt make the start on time despite leaving the beach early, and I got overtaken by a Topper on the first leg.

But there you go. In handicap racing, sometimes you're the pigeon... and sometimes you're the statue.

I guess everyone is worried about the Glyn Charles pursuit race coming up, where there are some great prizes, but I wont be there, I'm in Italy for a week.

Anyway I'm thinking a bit more about the Worlds and have booked a cool little cottage on Portland Bill, right next to the light house. Not unusually for a light house its on a cliff and it did dawn on me that the bedroom might illuminate every few minutes...which puts me on high alert.

Last time that happened I had to buy the negatives.

Anyway I'm sure it will be fine, but if you sleep walk, you're fucked. And as the particulars said, it's possible it might be noisy when its foggy..

A wild party in London on friday night left me minus several brain cells and despite my best intentions I missed the last train home..by eight hours. I slept on a bench and woke up with a slight dusting of snow down my left side...

Anyway its all good training.. for Grafham Water open meeting this weekend.


Payne by name said...

Hi Simon

Just a quick message to say Hi and say that I've been enjoying your blog. I confess that I've only just discovered it but have added it to my favourites so I can keep swinging by to see what's going down.

Us Simon Payne's need to stick together and I enjoyed reading of your fondness for motorbikes and Whitesnake. I don't ride a motorcycle but do enjoy the sport, particularly MotoGP and Superbikes. This year's MotoGP could be a belter with Rossi, Stoner, Pedrosa and the young Lorenzo (I love his sponsorship deal with Chuba Chups - is this the way sponsorship deals are going?).

I'm not aware of all their hits and don't even own an album of theirs but ‘Here I go again’ has to be my favourite rock song. Maybe it appeals to stoic pessimist in me!

I was amazed by your coffee cup anecdote. Do you drive at like 4 mph? Is there no wind where you live?

I had to laugh at your last entry. Falling asleep on a bench and waking with a smattering of snow is classy and something I've not yet done. I’ve missed the last train before but I think I wouldn’t be able to settle believing that some light fingered bastard might relieve me of my wallet or something. Saying that though night buses are an express elevator to hell so you didn’t have much choice.

Ok I think I've rambled on enough. I wish you continued good luck with prepping for the 2008 Worlds. I assume you aren't going to Beijing? Have you met Ben Ainslie by the way? I don't know a great deal about him bar that he did very well in Sydney 2004 and along with our cycling team is a good chance of a medal in China.

Best wishes

(did you get teased with this same line when at school? Who invented it because everyone seems to know it?)

Simon Payne said...

Dear Simon
If I could work out how to reply to you, I would.