Saturday, 19 April 2008

Class of 08

Back home now after training the Swiss team on Lake Como. Although the weather wasn't good and we lost the last two days I'd like to thank all ten sailors for being excellent students and great team members, and it was really cool to make new friends as well as to be reunited with old ones.

Higlights of the week? Watching each person improve mainly, but also seeing Martin's boat, (very cool, you can tell he's a architect, it's definately not made of concrete). Seeing Arnoud sail a moth like I've seen few others, Jean Pierre's innovative and effective developments, and the complete and the utter lack of inflated egos that you find at events (except mine) Just people keen to learn and work together. I suspect one or more will do bloody well at the worlds this year, and I tend not to make those predictions lightly.

From Left, Coach, Tim, Florence, Patrick, Frédéric, Ernst, Samuel, Lukas, Arnoud and Martin. Not in picture Jean-Pierre (New Swiss IMCA President and behind the camera)

It dawned on me that I enjoy coaching as well. A new discovery!

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Alex said...

Very nice of them to hold the bow low so you could reach!