Saturday, 6 September 2008

Hello Boys!

"Hello Boys" was the slogan for the Wonder Bra. An invention that promised to have the same effect on a girls pulling power as feeding a guy ten pints of lager.

It was essentially a vice, created in lingerie, that squeezed an extra 10% from every type of clevage. They sold by the truck load.

So my apologises to DB Apparel, the company that owns the Wonder Bra brand, and a company for whom I nearly worked, I shouldn't have nicked their tag line. but when I saw the Mach 2 "little black dress" image above. Nothing else came to mind.

Price for complete boat is $17,475 USD ex tax, duty and delivery


Anonymous said...

at that price is a free breat enhancement included?

Simon Payne said...

no, just the assessment.

Anonymous said...

Sounds a bit too cheap!

Allan Fells said...

If the aussie $$ keeps following this trajectory not even AMac will be able to afford one.

Anonymous said...

Some of the Boob jobs can go horribly wrong.