Friday, 12 September 2008

I Know You Got Soul

I woke up last night at 4.00am, I couldn't sleep so I got up and built myself a new wand. Then I went back to bed and when the real morning turned up, I thought my wand making had been a dream. But it was on the kitchen table when I went down to breakfast.. That was a nice surprise, especially in the marine industry.

I've been doing a lot of wand testing recently with Mike Lennon, he has more wands than Hermione Granger, but all my best ones have fallen off, or in half.

Yet I'm not sure I'm going any faster. I may have lost my settings because I've changed so much stuff and I acknowledge that I’ve never been good at cataloguing things. To this end I privately wish that Amac would put a "Save As" button on the new Mach 2 because that would help.

You don't really know this boat yet, but I hope you get to. Yet falling in love again can be difficult especially if you’ve been burned a couple of times before. Relationships are funny things and occasionally they disappoint us, even when we are at our most eager, or willing to be impressed.

I remember Rolf Harris telling me to "bugger off" when I asked for his autograph at the age of six...I still liked his show, but not him..

But with this boat, like it or not, you have no choice but to get bit of us, the designer, the builder and People are working hard, really hard, and whilst undeniably the boat will be fast, it will have a soul too.

And it’s good looking! Its nose is hidden because we can't show you that bit yet, but check out the wing bars, which are moulded to a shape which will make hiking out more comfortable. And they float.

I've read many comments on the blogs about this and other projects, And If I had a magic wand and not a carbon one I'd make them all succeed. But I don't, let’s just hope that all this competition brings out not only the best in products, but the best in people too.


Anonymous said...

If the nose is as big as yours then it will be a flyer!

Simon Payne said...

I like to think I had some input into the design ;-)

AJ said...

I have seen the nose of this boat on a rendering, and if the real life version is anything like it you will smile .

Lets hope like tomb raider the real life version is better -- If so we are in for treat.

Anonymous said...

Too eager to be impressed & to impress can make love crash & burn ( as from the movie Top Gun )! However giving new love a chance could lead to those words most men can't wait to hear "Take me to bed & lose me forever stud"!!Have you lost that loving feeling?