Sunday, 14 September 2008

Normal service.

My little boat flew yesterday in a harbour that strangley sparkled from a big yellow orb that hung in the sky. It was a late summers day and a breeze gently blew. After the worlds conditons I'd made so many changes that I didnt know where I was, and I'd gone round the houses to get any real gain. Yet I've changed my way of thinking recently and I'm going to optimise where I'm good and not compromise that in order to minimise where I'm vulnerable. That just breeds mediocrity, which you saw.

So yesterday with a wand paddle shaped after a discussion with Bora, I had great ride height and no ventillation. Up she came like a lift and I could sit on the back wing bar downwind and the boat stayed under control.

Against Mike I was ballistic up and down, but these were my conditions..Finally everthing felt just right. This AM I am writing it all down.

Geoff Carveth, who has won more titles than there are grains of sand on the beach, sailed Mike's boat yesterday, and in a dying wind, did a great job. Another convert. If anyone has a Prowler or BR for sail, he wants a good second hand boat within the next two weeks. Post on this site or contact Geoff if you can help..That will be boat number 10 at Hayling Island Sailing Club

The Tide Ride is on the 4th and 5th of October. Dont forget to enter this week!!


Assassin said...

We have a cheap near new BR for sale here in NZ. $18,500NZD= approx 7000 pounds. We still have the box.

Anonymous said...

Thats a lovely painting of Hayling Island. Where did you get that or have you got an easle on the wing bar?

Anonymous said...

Djeey!, a lot is going on, reading some of the Moth-blogs. Are you two still happy? Good to see you enjoy the nice 'end-of-summer-weather; nice picture!
Take care!

Michael A said...

surely we should have propper names for these things. Since the paddle was invented by amac perhaps it should be cald the platypus