Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Hidden Dragon

At this years worlds Andrew McDougall was a very fast man. After a starting strategy that could best be summarised as "no, no after you.." he proceeded to sail through the fleet. He came past me and probably also you, pointing so high he quite literally split the wind in two. He was going very very fast indeed.

And now I can go that fast, and so can you. Because soon you will be able to buy the new "Mach 2". It's the latest International Moth design by Andrew McDougall, and it's marketed by me.

It’s built to be the fastest thing around, its next year’s boat in terms of design and also delivery. It won’t be available until January 09 but two boats will sail in the Australian Nationals at Geelong, and already hundreds of hours have been worked. This machine is being built right now.

So whats it like? Its less weight and more aerodynamic for starters, the foil design will, on their own, take boat speed to the next level and it's as sexy as a girl in a little black dress.

Yet its also available, it’s built by McConaghy. And if looks could kill, it probably will, it really is going to be as hot as the centre of the earth.

Pic is of the main foil in simulated flow test.

This design exists to win the world championships, yet the production intent is that every boat we build can win straight out of the box, and does not need any of the tweaks that other designs require... and with a finish that means you will be just as happy parking it in the driveway, as sailing it, I believe you will enjoy owning this boat.

But we also recognize you are buying more than just a boat, its an ownership experience and a relationship with us that frankly should be enjoyable, and starts when you click on the yet to be made website, send an enquiry, or just read this.

It’s on sale now. Want to know more?

More details here.


Anonymous said...

Now I understand the sentence 'I speak to him lots'!
Take care and good luck you two.
Patrice aka Dutchgirl

Dave Chiz said...

On sale now? Excellent. How much and when can I have one?

Bora Gulari said...

better looking than a girl in a little black dress?

what about a girl in good shape in a quality bit of lingerie. I am trying to weigh the options and need your help. I think they are both sexy but which is better.....

maybe the fake doug lord can help me or maybe you...

please advise

Simon Payne said...

Actually mate it's not as sexy as either. I'm saying this so you dont put your foot in it with your girl friend. Phrases like "you're almost as sexy as that new boat, but actually you would be more sexy if you were just wearing lingerie" just dont work in my experience

Fake Doug Lord said...

Obviously girl in good shape in a quality bit of lingerie under her little black dress !

Will it have a midship wand ?

Anonymous said...

In response to your reply to bora, a moth is sleek, sensual & takes someone that knows what they are doing with their hands to get the best results, so being compared to a boat by someone who sails with passion can be the ultimate turn on!!