Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Weekend Warriors

Easterly breezes are always the ones where you set the fastest times in Chichester Harbour but by any standards one hour dead to the Nab tower and back is pretty good. Mike Lennon and I reached there and back in a cloudless sky, scooting along at 17 knots ish. Easy relaxed sailing in my boat but the enormous mainsheet loads on Mike's boat nearly crippled him!.

Anyway the tower is large and as I gybed around it I..err.. hit a yacht coming the other way! I ask you! That far out and the only the second thing I've hit all year, the first being Graham Vials.

And then back to club racing where Mike nailed the beat so well I was convinced he was gone and the race was over. Slowly slowly I pulled him back and a wind shift sealed it for me.

And then I made for the beach, but on this Indian summers day two girls and a boy wanted a ride. We two up foil gybed in front of the club and my Prowler was rock solid despite having at times, 130 kilos in the boat.

All the wand work has paid off and I feel really quick right now, you cant set Prowlers up like a BR and its taken me a bit of time to figure that out.

There are 20 Moths entered for the Tide Ride. That's the next event for me and given that you are allowed to pump and hit things, on recent form I should be OK!

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Anonymous said...

Wow you doing day trips now?