Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Australian Nationals update..

Four races gone and we are on a 1,9,1,4 and are currently top of the leader board. Nathan Outteridge (AUS)is just behind me and Andrew Brown (NZ) also close. So a good position for us at mid way point. We are on a lay day today. Which is good at my age.

The racing has been close and hard. With light and strong winds all in one day. Ironically I had my worst result in the light winds, a set up issue. No lift and a silly mistake.

Today is a chance to chill out and go over the boat with a fine tooth comb. It's blowing like hell so we woudnt have raced anyway. More later.

PS This is a great place to sail, reminds me a bit of The Gorge with its flat water and breeze and its the only place I've ever got a 0.8 for finishing first..


Flo said...

Hi Simon,
You're impressive....
Keep going like that and you'll hit mach3 ;-)

Flo said...

Hi Simon,

How impressive you are!

Keep going like that and you'll hit mach3 ;-)

Anonymous said...

Good on you, Simon!
Only, I am still wondering why Andrew isn't sailing the other Mach2...
Let her dance again tomorrow!
Bye, Patrice

Doug Culnane said...

Si do you realise it was a nearly year ago to the day you launched your Prowler zero.

All the best and good luck for the 2nd half of the Nats.

Anonymous said...

You still own a fine tooth comb?
Sorry.. You are doing great!

Roy O'Donnell said...

Simon. Keep it up, luck not necessary, sheer talent will win through. Have still got those world championship gloves you lent (gave) to me although they don't seem to make a Solo fly. An Aussie Championship pair will do nicely. Best wishes - Roy & Tania O'Donnell, Hayling Island Sailing Club.

Anonymous said...

Right out of the box and top of the board - this is way cool!

Anonymous said...

You can win it bighead!