Saturday, 24 January 2009

Clunk, click, smile on imapct..

Bad, bad day yesterday. Nathan took the lead as I OCS'd and then RTD'd due to ripping a six foot whole in my tramp.

I felt uncomfortable in the big breeze of yesterday, the boat see sawing down hill which ultimately lead to a big pitch pole and the resulting collateral damage. We came ashore to find the wand mechanism under the bonnet had slipped. A grup screw had come loose allowing the wand to go down, without pulling the flap up.

Which was a shame.

Anyway all to play for today. One race left, Nathan three points in front.


Anonymous said...

Just focus & kick ass, you can do it! Good luck, Teena

Bora Gulari said...

Not to pick on your english but is it not a grub screw?
:) nice regatta hell of a first outing

Anonymous said...

Since when have americans known anthing about English!!