Monday, 26 January 2009

National Velvet

I was standing on Geelong seafront reflecting on how lucky I was. Here was me, racing some of the best guys in the world, in fact this probably was a mock worlds, in a beautiful new boat, with one of the best race committee's I've sailed under.

Life was good. I'd just won four heats and it was nice to be at the front again.

I was thinking all of this when I stood in a camel turd. That was on Saturday. That day didnt get any better.

Nathan deserved to win. He wasn't flawless but he is a polished act. A professional racer. It's great to have him in the class and I hope he can make it to Cascade Locks.

Dave Lister is so big he probably has to buy clothes at "High and Mighty" but jeez he's fast downwind. Where the rest of us are Microsoft he is Apple Mac and does his own thing. If he can make it, he is a contender for the Worlds in windy Cascade Locks too.

The rest of the results were a bit surprising, John Harris is a big regatta guy and will always perform when it matters, but he was a bit slow upwind actually.

Scotty was consistent but never got the best start, the best first beat..

Bora showed brilliance but also flaws, he was there at the windward mark but just well.. thought to much about things..

Anyway for me it was great to be running up at the front. I had only raced twice since the June Worlds in the UK and it showed a bit.

Every now and again.


Anonymous said...

Well done Simon, a great performance in a new toy - seems that the boat is just about right, perhaps your next effort should be into growing six inches and putting on a few pounds. . . Looks like big is quick.
Have fun

Anonymous said...

Oh so close! Well done anyway. Are camel turds lucky like bird poo? I guess not if it comes out of the sky!
See you back at HISC

Mark / mad Jack

Anonymous said...

Great racing, you must be pleased as punch, If only you were as good looking as punch... only joking
The boys can't wait to see you, they want to know if you will take them out in the new boat?!!
Saw Mike Lennon out this weekend, was a tad windy this weekend! Lucky it was not as bad here as France.
Say Hello to Andrew for me and weel done.

Thierry said...

Well done, young boy!!! hope to see you and your new boat very soon somewhere on the planet.

Anonymous said...

OK!! Second is great!