Thursday, 8 January 2009

Winning isn't everything, but the will to win is..

He's off! Andrew with his Mach 2 in its (optional) travel bag. Sorry the photo isn't great, it's a phone one. The real camera has a flat battery.

Today I head for Melbourne. I hope I've helped here during these last two weeks, and when it was touch and go whether we'd be on the start line, we just threw every resource we had at it. That's the sign of a good project I think, the sheer will to succeed. But its not only my camera battery thats flat. We need recharging too, and this was the scene in the bus to work this morning.

I like this place with its courteous people and crazy roads. A place where even the local store sells infra red thermometres, but try buying a jubilee clip! Where (as I did) you go to the pharmacy to get something for a nasty bite on the forehead, and the guy nods in understanding, and then comes back with a hat!

A place that redefines beauty and nothing is impossible.

I'll be sad to leave. I've made new friends and (DHL pending..) we'll have two Mach 2's in Melbourne on Monday. In the mean time I'm going to go the the Esplanade on Saturday night to have a beer or too.

Then the next part of the project begins! The Australian National Championships, but the way these two boats look, I'm sure it will become the "Australian National Gallery" too.


Anonymous said...

Just got back from America, arrived home to a somewhat chilli reception! Sounds like you're having fab time, wanted to wish you a great new year & good luck in the nationals, you can do it! Teena

Anonymous said...

Better luck next year Bignose!

Anonymous said...

Why dont you all use the same boat? That way it is all about the sailor not the equipment. Anyone can spend thousands to build a formula 1 boat, but then it is not a level playing field.
Please tell me how a kid from a council estate who would like to sail can take up this sport?

MikeB said...

"Why don't you all use the same boat?" - is this guy/girl serious, or just on some serious medication? If everyone in the Moth class used the same type of boat then they'd all be sailing British Moths and not these hydrofoil-supported wonders.

Go and sail a Laser!