Saturday, 17 January 2009

Sorry Girls

We launched the Mach 2 today. Bloody hell it was a hard day. As hard as climbing a wall leaning towards you or kissing a girl leaning away from you. Either way I'm glad it's done. The belle did go to the ball and although she came back minus her knickers. That's a sign of character, in my book.

We started early again, on another hot day that I lost count of, on a trip that I neither enjoy nor dislike. Just one goal that will please me and that is this boat sails and sails well. And that you guys who have purchased her, or will purchase her, will be happy. It's my future and my past rolled into one (Oh and btw. For all those who say I can't start a sentence with the word "And". Well fuck off, all the 10 commandments do)

And the Mach 2 did, and when we turned up at Black Rock, with two 21st birthday parties going off within 50 meters of each other. It was always going to be difficult for a carbon fibre missile to steel the thunder, but even our eyes were hard to drag away from the slinky black carbon, a touch more attractive than a woman's stocking I'm afraid... Sorry girls.

Amac sailed out, and all looked great, You will read else where that the gantry fell off. That's because it did. No excuses, but the reason was that we lost the metal fittings on the way back from China and because we were so caught up in the emotion of the moment we used plastic ones.

Ever used a Mars bar wrapper when you can't find a condom? Its the same thing.

Anyway we found them tonight in a rope bag. And that's great.

So with three days left to the Australian nationals and all the minding numbing moments of mediocrity that are other peoples views on that event. I've got something to write about. A new boat that's a new design hit the water today. She's a looker. and I'm taking her to the dance.


Kevin said...

are you trying to de-simplify the english language? You should have skipped the "And.." and gone straight to "Um..."

Anonymous said...

must have been a fun size mars bar wrapper in your case!

Anonymous said...

Let her dance, DANCE!

Anonymous said...

Since when have the 10 Commandments began with AND?


Anonymous said...

perhaps if I had worn carbon tights and not stockings.... you might have remenbered the condoms!

Anonymous said...

sweet. any videos?