Sunday, 18 January 2009

Lone Gull

Out training today in Port Phillip Bay. Geelong is on the bow, about 25 kilometers away. Tomorrow I will go there and race against the other 44 competitors. I think there are seven different countries represented. How the Moth class has changed, and again I'm looking forward to meeting new people.

Today I noticed how easy the Mach 2 was to drive through waves, the slim frontal area offering much less drag, and she just punches out. When the wind came up and with a slightly sticky wand mechanism I nearly had the hull two foot underwater. Green water everywhere, but she still came out.

We are untested in combat and I am pragmatic about next week, but a couple of times today she felt very very fast. Tonight the boat and sails were measured. All good.

Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Wishing you: GOOD LUCK!

Phil Stevenson said...

I do not think those sail numbers would satify Adam.

Andrew said...

If nothing falls off it isn't a Moth.
Break a leg.

Anonymous said...

Could have done with your Mach 2 this morning my lane was flooded! Hope all is going well, go for it Mr Payne show us what you're made of! Teena

Anonymous said...

Hi Si
Pleased to see that you are getting the new boat tuned up for me!
I used to be a regualr visitor to the Royal Geelong YC website when Zeb won the JJ Giltinan Cup, look out for his picture on the wall because that was the first time it came to the Western Hemisphere.
Good luck from all of us at HISC
and enjoy the sunshine!
Mike Baker.