Tuesday, 26 February 2008

The Beat Of A Different Drum

I was thinking about martyrs the other day, and the rewards they are seemingly promised. I read its 72 virgins and fifty thousand USD? Really? Is that true? If it was me I'd have some questions straight off. Firstly does Allah choose the virgins or can I have a say too? Anyway what the hell, can't I just swap the lot for 5 good hookers? And while we are at it, and with the weak dollar, can I be paid in Euro's please?

It's good to have questions. I like them a lot and I was asking myself some on the way back from Parkstone open meeting the other day after a mediocre performance.
Specifically I was asking myself if the sacifice was worth the return. What I mean is I've taken some time off, I'm training hard and I have no idea if all this will pay off and I havent met one virgin yet, but admittedly that's hard at Hayling Island.

And the ultimate reward? a world title? Do I really need that? I've won it already..

And while I was thinking about this a car pulled up next to me, the window slowly lowered and a guy with a beard fixed me straight in the eye and said.. "There is a coffee cup on the roof of your car".

And fuck me there was! and I was in amazed! This coffee cup had been on the roof for about 6 miles. I dont very often get "signs" but I've always expected one, and in the absence of any other, this was one alright.

Anyway I took the coffee cup off the roof and without anywhere else to put it I stuck it between my knees.

What kind of a God puts a coffee cup on the roof of your car? And in fact why?... Well here is my deduction. It was to remind me of what so distracted me that in the minute from purchasing the coffee to getting in the car I had completely forgotten about it. Well actually at that time I was thinking of making a phone call and canning the whole thing.

Now this is where you are expecting me to say that the coffee cup was "half full" which it was, and not "half empty", blah blah...

Actually I accidently dropped my mobile phone in it. The sign made perfect sense to me.


Alex said...

So you are going to stop using your phone while driving or does the sign mean some more to you?

Anonymous said...

Caffeine is not good for you....

Six hookers might be over training?

Get with it man.