Saturday, 16 February 2008

Don't ride faster than your angel can fly..

Adam has just sent me this sequence of shots taken some years ago now by his mum at Weymouth. It's my first boat "Shoulder Angel" and must be the fastest low ride thru foil to pitchpole in history. I do remember it hurt! Note the ventilating rudder.

It was good to see Mike Lennon out again today, he's putting a lot of time in and I think that in the UK we will have a very competitive fleet. It's going to be a great year for the class and in reality I think that there will be very little separating the top British and Australian sailors this year. Except of course they have cute sisters.

Anyway what a stunning day again. I reckon if Carlsburg did winters this would be it.

My boat is now in Singapore, and I'm excited about its arrival. Maybe I'll make the open next weekend, although I might be a little unprepared.. But today I've made a new wand! I've thought laterally about it and after a little research I made it out of wood, specifically Holly - with a phoenix feather core...apparently its the best combination for warding off black wizards..

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Cookie said...

It's pretty impressive looking back at old footage and photos at quite how hard you guys made it all look then! :-p