Thursday, 28 February 2008

The King is dead, long live the err..Queen!

So Rohan has retired?. Thats a shame if its true, but I can understand it, its hard keeping all this up. The Worlds wont be the same for sure with Rohan absent, it will be like Take That without Robbie, or Pop Idol without Simon Cowell...and I'll miss the racing.

Anyway we had some great battles! I am genuinely sorry he wont be there. I always thought I'd be first to leave. We get on a lot better than most people think. Yes, on the race course he is a loaded pistol with a ruthless streak.. but dont let that put you off because away from it all he's a big softy who loves piƱ a coladas, hot tubbing and being caught in the rain...and he's done a hell of a lot for the Moth class. I'm sure he'll be back.

Anyway some breaking news! The Veal dynasty is not over yet! I can exclusively reveal that younger sister, Susan Veal is set to take up the mantle! A magnanimous gesture by Rohan means the fastest Bladerider could be in female hands for 08, and spectacularly also the "Miss September" slot in my new "Babes on Foils Calendar" is now taken! I only need to find another eleven more.. and I hoping dinner tonight will secure Ms March! Its all for charity of course..

But what does this mean? Well importantly it means Ray and Gayle will have to commit to coming to the next few worlds! Please dont you two retire as well! Where on earth will Adam and I get our early morning cup of English Breakfast tea?


Karl said...

Living proof of ye olde axiom "Pick a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life" (Confucius)...damn! I suck at this...I mean, ANTI...proof of some OTHER AXIOM. Like "when your hobby becomes your job it ceases to become enjoyable". Or, "Securing ourselves against defeat lies within our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy lies within the enemy himself." -- Sun Tzu

Anja said...

A calender - great idea!
The ultimate method to promote the Moth class would surely be a "Male Babes on Foils Calendar".
Moth sailors lasciviously lingering on their boat, water and sweat dripping from their muscles.....
There will be gangs of women come running to do some moth sailing.

Andrew McDougall said...

Don't forget Virginia Veal (Rohan's wife) She just picked up a scow I bought from Ken Douglas (Zac's dad) and intends to sail it in the Victorian State Championships. She's gonna be a gun!