Thursday, 7 February 2008

Motorcycle Diary

You shouldnt pay attention to dreams, trends, or doommongers, you should forget about anything in your life that is preceded by the suffix "ex". And there is no better place to understand that than when you are launched on a fast motorcycle, heading south, with a thousand yard stare and a manic desire not to slow down because ironically you have time to think, everything becomes clearer and simple, somehow its OK. The post is coming home boys, screw the Union, we we wupped 'em again Josse.

You can think about relationships, races, jobs and at under 130mph they matter, but above that? We'll fuck em all. This is mans greatest expression of freedom and if it takes me further and further away well great. I'm with you Che. We were built to go fast, a part from the fat ones.

Until the tank bag comes open and the startled bloke in his smug fat I'm alright jack and stuff the rest of you BMW is wearing my boxers round his ariel.

Shit, I was only out to buy a schackle and go to the gym. And I only wanted the shackle because I missed my boat.

Its hard not having a boat, mines in transit which means it'll get mistaken for some white goods in Singapore, holiday briefly in Dubai, it will ironically be there for the race that I have decided not to do because I wanted to get on with practising. It will be delayed in the UK because they dont have a truck with a forklift on the back and a call centre in Delhi wont believe me that the volumetric weight is complete rubbish , it doesnt really weigh 400kg, its just in a box, and me and the club secretary can lift it off one handed.

But it'll be worth the wait, because a Moth is a waterborne motorcycle in a nautical Moto GP and you can achieve all the same sensations that you get on a fast bike and the crashes hurt somewhat less. You don't, unfortunately, get the personal attention of a lycra clad babe carrying an unbrella, although I may suggest that for the worlds. Top 10 only though. You dont get many pretty girls in Weymouh.

I'm doing a talk at the London Dinghy Exhibition (1st/2nd March) on foiling. Christ, if you read this you'll know how little I like actually talking about sailing so prepare for an element of dullness. To manage expectations I may start with the Keynsian theory of cyclical recession that everyone is talking us into...


Mike Bz said...

You shouldnt pay attention to dreams, trends, or doommongers

Quite. Beezer's law: Don't believe anything you hear, most of what you read, or half of what you think.

Great blog Si!

Mike Bz

john.h said...

Yes! we need umbrella girls!!

Side Show said...

You dont get many pretty girls in Weymouh?

True but every body has to do their time!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bladerider can expand their marketing techniques to include some "bladerider babes" to attend the Worlds? Surely that would fit into their marketing campaign??? Didn't someone once say "Sex sells?"

or perhaps recruitments from the Lucky Shag Bar?