Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Your call is important to us

I love you all.
Margi, I adore you! You called me "My Love" when I needed a digital hug most...
And Anna the Supervisor, well you rock babe. It was like speed dating.. on email.
Sonya, work on "that customer is king" thought. You and I could have really made it. You just made me feel second best..
And Michelle "Look I'm On OK... so calm down or I might just tell you what you can do with your fucking boat.." Well I love you too.. and sorry I mentioned that Eve should never have eaten the Apple. Before our time right? Also sorry about the water retention joke....
But most of all I love Michael, because he found my boat. Granted it was being used to support a wing tip on an Airbus wheel change but it's found nevertheless. And if all goes well, I may get it tomorrow and Cinderella may go to the ball this weekend.

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