Thursday, 14 February 2008

A traveller from an Antique Land

She beat me in the gym again yesterday, although it was closer this time, and as we rowed I tried, through rythmic arm movements, to read her tattoo in the mirror. I think it was supposed to say "Anarchy" but I'm pretty sure it actually said "Anchovies". An unfortunate spelling mistake, especially in that position.

I may stop going to the gym now. I've decided that fitness is about body, mind and spirit and like always, if I'm not in the right frame of mind, it doesnt matter if I can bench press a Harley Davidson, I'll still loose races. And equally if I am in the right frame of mind, it doesnt matter how fit I am, because I wont notice, and I'll be OK.

So on a stunning February afternoon and sitting on a bench overlooking Emsworth harbour I found myself thinking about the English Romantic Poets, specifically Percy Shelley, whom I've always liked. In 1819 and at the age of 28 he'd tragically lost two of his family somewhat inexplicably in the process of moving house, and he sailed a boat called Don Juan.

Anyway Percy decided he wanted to see what a storm was like, and so the next time one came rolling into the Bay of Naples he did something about it. Seizing the keys to his vespa, he shoved a White Snake cassette into his walkman and headed down to the beach. He took the cover off, rigged his KA, pulled on a wetsuit, and i foiled out into the wine dark sea. And waited.

Anyway he died. The twat.

And I think thats OK. It was his decision, and possibly he didnt mind.. Anyway you dont get called a "romantic" for no reason, and I suspect he'd have just been an English Poet if he'd come back saying "that was good, has anyone got a spare contol rod?"

I read about the author David Vann's boat which I think looks quite good and has a hint of Phillippe Starck in its design. Granted it's more kettle than boat but good luck to him. Yet he's taken a lot of stick from the various "Abominable No Men" on Sailing Anchovies with a particulary unpleasant paragraph which needlessly mentions but seemingly relates the personal tragedies of his father and cousin to David's chances of success.

So It was very nice to discover this morning a very well pitched article, observant but not critcial by US based ex WAG Lia Ditton on David, entitled Metal Head . It captures his magic. Good luck to him, and mate if you want to borrow a White Snake cassette, I've got em all.

Dont worry, the boat will be here soon. Stick with me, I'll get back to writing about sailing shortly..


Anonymous said...

The remnants in the sand are better than no remnants at all

Anonymous said...

mini rod agrees