Sunday, 10 February 2008

The Path to Enlightenment

Its been a funny weekend, I met a guy at a bike meet on saturday who told me that he's discovered the path to enlightenment. It's apparently just off the A23 north of Brighton. Specifically it seems it's a footpath to enlightenment which is where he stopped for a pee. And there, with his dick in his hand, he witnessed human and cosmic evolution. I guess Michael Hutchence did the same..briefly.

The Daily Sail have seemingly also discovered enlightenment, and presumably through the same process, as they have described Graham Vials as "The UK's present top foiling Moth sailor" and "The strongest World Championship contender in the ever developing Moth class", in an otherwise excellent article. This is presumably because Graham won the Tiger Trophy, a handicap race on a lake near the middle of England, famous for the quality of its fly fishing.

This is similar to predicting that I will win the Formula 1 world title because I once had a Scalextric set.

Now, I suspect that Graham could do very well but I'm afraid winning pursuit races doesnt make you top. Being National Champion makes you top, winning races, even one, at International level is a good sign too. So, to be respectful, the top UK moth sailor officially is Jason Belben, current National Champion. Of course there are a few other guys too.. and I suspect that internationally, Rohan Veal, once he's finished procreating, might be worth a sentence..

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Anonymous said...


What do they know? The top contender is still on my slab.

Respectfully yours,

Herr Dr. Prof. Frankenfurter